How to keep your French telephone number?

If you have decided to move your account and wish to retain your telephone number you will have to contact 3179 from your French landline to prevent fraudulent representation.

You will be connected to a voice server (automated) and have to answer a small number of questions.
You will then receive your RIO number from your old supplier.

You then have to give this to your new supplier. Here is a translation of the automated message you will receive:
“This is voice server for the RIO number service. The RIO associated to the number “your landline number” is “RIO number”.

If you wish to change your supplier and keep your existing number, don’t cancel your existing contract. Your new provider will deal with it.

To repeat your RIO, press 1.
To receive your RIO by text message, press 2.
To receive your RIO by email, press 3.
To receive your RIO by post, press 4.